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25th September 2016

45rpm_rec7:30pm: December Nightskies with Scott Lawlor - EF5 Tornado

Artists: December Nightskies with Scott Lawlor
Album: EF5 Tornado
Label / Release date: 45 Echoes Sounds || 2016 25 Sept.
Style: Dark Ambient, Space Drone, Field Recordings


EF5 Tornado is a dark ambient collaboration from December Nightskies (Kendall Keeler) and Scott Lawlor. This is a concept album thought of by December Nightskies and based off of the EF5 Tornado that destroyed Moore Oklahoma in 2013.

1. Springtime In Oklahoma (19:24)
2. Sign Of Impending Devastation (9:02)
3. Season Of Severe Weather Alerts (31:18)
4. The Tornado Is Coming This Way (8:21)
5. Rebuilding The City (3:42)

Album more Info:
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12th September 2016

45rpm_rec10:53pm: EugeneKha - Music To Dreams-II Live (2016)

Artist: EugeneKha
Album: Music To Dreams-II Live
Note: Night Live Act At Guslitsa 2016-06-18
Label / Release: GV Sound || 2016
Catalog: GV-554
Style: Ambient, Live
Time: 49:41


11th September 2016

45rpm_rec6:21pm: EugeneKha - Music To Dreams Concert (2016, Live)

artist: EugeneKha
album: Music To Dreams Concert
Note: Live At Yoga-Guslitsa Fest 2016-05-06
Label / Release: 45 Echoes Sounds || 2016
Style: Live Performance, Light and Dark Ambient, Field Recordings
Time: 108:08


Part 1 (58:57)
Part 2 (35:50)
Part 3 (14:01)

19th June 2015

45rpm_rec1:08pm: EugeneKha - Live At Green Travel Fest

artist: EugeneKha
Label / Release date: Aural Films || 2015
Style: Live Ethnic Ambient, Ambient-rock
Format: FLAC, MP3

Direct Link
Video 1
Video 2
Live Recordings At Festival Of Ambient & Ethnic Music ‘Green Travel Fest’ 30-31 May 2015 (Russia, Guslitsa)
1. Russian Mantras: Live Set 2015-05-30 (41:33)
2. Sergey 'Boroff'Vysokosov, German Olshuk, EugeneKha & Vera Sazhina - Ambient Jam 2015-05-30 (Fragment) (7:56)

Track 1: All Music, Field Recordings, Sounds, Drone Voices And Performer By Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha); Except Song Sample: Russian Folk Song 'Oy Chego Ty Ne Prishov…' By Lukeriya Kosheleva (Vocal).
Track 2: Music And Performer By Sergey Vysokosov (Guitar; ex-‘Korrozia metalla’), German Olshuk (Korg Triton), EugeneKha (Soft Synthesizers, Korg Kaossilator Pro, Percussion) And Vera Sazhina (Vocal).

28th April 2015

45rpm_rec5:55pm: EugeneKha - Bells Of Disturbing Spring

Artist: EugeneKha
Album: Bells Of Disturbing Spring
Label / Date: 45 Echoes Sounds || 2015
Style: Ambient, Drone Ambient, Tape Recordings, Live Electronics
Time / Format: 33:06 || Lossless (FLAC); MP3 320 kbps, VBR MP3, Ogg Vorbis
This album – Studio Live Ambient Performance 2015-03-01 With Novation Ultranova, Alesis Micron, Alesis MidiVerb And 4 Channel Tape Multitrack Yamaha MT-120.


1. Bells Of Disturbing Spring [25:03]
2. Disturbing Awakening [08:03]

22nd March 2015

45rpm_rec7:08pm: EugeneKha - The Lost

Artist: EugeneKha
Album: The Lost
Label / Date: DNA Production || 2015
Style: Drone Ambient, Dark Ambient, Field Recordings
Time / Format: 52:28 || Lossless (flac), Ogg Vorbis, VBR MP3


01. The Lost June (19:26)
02. The Lost August (27:53)
03. Bells Of Epoch (Lost Remix 2015) (5:10)

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3rd February 2015

45rpm_rec1:55pm: West Remi - Spiritual Symmetry

Artist: West Remi
Album: Spiritual Symmetry
Label / Release date: 45 Echoes Sounds || 2015
Style: Ambient Electronic
Time / Format: 38:00 || Lossless (Flac), mp3, VBR mp3
Tracks: 7 tracks


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28th December 2014

45rpm_rec4:47pm: EugeneKha - Winter Reminiscence About Strange Summer Night

Artist: EugeneKha
Album: Winter Reminiscence About Strange Summer Night
Label / Release: Treetrunk Records || 2014, December
Style: Soundscape, Atmospheric Drone, Dark Ambient, Field Recordings
Time / Format: 32:29 || MP3 320 kbps

Note: Atmospheric Soundscape with sythesizer Arturia Microbrute (all analog synth, drone, atmospheric sounds) and Field recordings


15th December 2014

45rpm_rec6:36pm: V/A - Wall Of Ambient Sound 2014

Artists: Various
Album: Wall Of Ambient Sound 2014 (45 Echoes Sounds Mix-Album)
Compiled And Mixed by EugeneKha
Label / Release Date: 45 Echoes Sounds || December 13, 2014
Style: Ambient, Dark Ambient, Space, Atmospheric Drone, Collage, Mix, Mixtape
Time / Format: 2 Hour 5 min. 58 sec. || Lossless (FLAC), MP3 320 kbps, VBR MP3
Tracks: 3


The 45 Echoes Sounds netlabel sums up Ambient results of 2014 and lets out a collage of WALL OF AMBIENT SOUND 2014 in which the best tracks published in 2014 on 45 Echoes Sounds are mixed.

Традиционный ежегодный микс WALL OF AMBIENT SOUND от российского ambient лэйбла 45 Echoes Sounds

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26th November 2014

45rpm_rec5:12pm: Scott Lawlor & EugeneKha - Jupiter's Cyclone

Artists: Scott Lawlor And EugeneKha (USA – Russia)
Album: Jupiter's Cyclone
Label / Date: 45 Echoes Sounds || 2014
Style: Space Ambient, Ethereal Drone, Atmospheric Dark Ambient, Concept
Time: 4 hours, 58 min., 04 sec.
Format: Lossless (FLAC); MP3 320 kbps, VBR MP3
Tracks: 4 CDs, 8 tracks
Music by Scott Lawlor || Music by EugeneKha



[32:00] 1. The North Tropical Zone
[47:20] 2. A South Tropical Disturbance

[17:04] 1. The South Equatorial Belt
[38:46] 2. The Great Red Spot
[13:00] 3. Jupiters Cyclone

[78:02] 1. Prograde Jet Stream

[48:00] 1. The North Equatorial Belt
[23:48] 2. Jupiters Light

25th August 2014

45rpm_rec1:57pm: EugeneKha - Etudes-1

Artist: EugeneKha
Album: Etudes-I
Label / Release date: 45 Echoes Sounds || 2014
Style: Ambient, Space Music
Time / Format: 43:13 || FLAC, MP3 (320 kbps), VBR
Tracks: 5


[09:54] 01. Close Space (Etude Mix)
[11:02] 02. Wood Breath (Part 1. Earth)
[09:52] 03. Silent Sky Of Mars
[08:07] 04. Wood Breath (Part 2. Mars)
[04:16] 05. Snowfall

31st July 2014

45rpm_rec2:19am: EugeneKha - Fog Music 6
Artist: EugeneKha
album: Fog Music 6
Release date: 2014-07-21
Style: Ambient
Label: Aural Films
Time / Format: 48:95 || MP3 (320 kbps), FLAC


1. Wood In The Fog (Part 1) – [22:57]
2. Wood In The Fog (Part 2) – [26:38]

Aural Films presents "Fog Music." A series of recordings inspired by the weather condition known as fog. Light and dark, wet and dry, this invasive event is a great source of inspiration for sound artists from around the world. This project seeks to publish 24 hours of these recordings as an on-going series for all to hear and enjoy.
Brian Bourassa (aka The Pliability Effect): “Picture yourself wandering aimlessly in the woods - in the fog. You would think that you would be apprehensive not knowing exactly where you were, but you are not. Instead you are curious with wonder and new discovery and somehow a seemingly confined space becomes open and limitless. This is the place where EugeneKha has taken us to in his two-part contribution to the "Fog Music" series. It is the place where breathing becomes wonder, not longer weighted down by thought”.

30th June 2014

45rpm_rec1:54am: Ari Porki & Christopher Alvarado - Halla

Artists: Ari Porki and Christopher Alvarado
Album: Halla
Label / Release Date: 45 Echoes Sounds || 2014
Style: Ambient
Time / Format: 66:10 || Lossless (FLAC); MP3 320 kbps, VBR MP3

DIRECT LINK || Archive.org

After The First Release Of The Collaboration Between Ari Porki And Christopher Alvarado They Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Add Other Talents From Friends To Showcase Their Ideas. Every person who joined completed the journey through the artistic vision. eyes cast down (greg moorcroft) takes the lead with his beautiful ghostly guitars which phase in and out of the balance with wings of mist. The second guest track brings in stephen briggs guitar work cascading through the galaxy with the essence of harmony and wonder. Track 3 transcends with power and void of realms (k.j. Cazier) battles in armageddon to make the perfect track in harmonious conflict. It definitely was a pleasure having jack hertz work his electronic diversity to create the perfect inner environment and at last the master of angelic sounds weaving his web around musta.

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5th May 2014

45rpm_rec8:45pm: Scott Lawlor - Dark Flow (3 CD)

Artist: Scott Lawlor (USA)
Album: Dark Flow (3 CD)
Label / Release date: 45 Echoes Sounds || May 2014
Style: Space Ambient, Long form
Time / Format: 3 hours, 45 min., 5 sec. || FLAC, MP3 (320 kbps), VBR MP3


Album Presentation & track-list
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4th May 2014

45rpm_rec7:28pm: EugeneKha - Legend

Artist: EugeneKha
Album: Legend
Label / Release date: Webbed Hand Records || May 2014
Style: Dark Ambient
Time / Format: 45:33 || MP3 320 kbps

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23rd March 2014

45rpm_rec3:57pm: EugeneKha - Atmosphere

Artist: EugeneKha
Album: Atmosphere
Label: 45 Echoes Sounds || Release: 2014
Style: Light Ambient
Time / Format: 33:24 || FLAC, MP3
Tracks: 7
(c) Music and Artwork by EugeneKha 2014 Evgenij V. Kharitonov:


[02:38] 1. Dew On Her Eyelashes (Part 1)
[02:43] 2. Sun Voice
[02:33] 3. Dew On Her Eyelashes (Part 2)
[05:32] 4. Atmosphere
[10:39] 5. Deep Blue
[06:36] 6. Dust Song
[02:41] 7. Dew On Her Eyelashes (Part 3)

11th December 2013

45rpm_rec10:54pm: V/A - Wall Of Ambient Sound

Artist: Various
Album: Wall Of Ambient Sound
Mixed by EugeneKha
Note: 45 Echoes Sounds Mix Album (2011-2013)
Label / Date: 45 Echoes Sounds || 2013
Style: Ambient Mix, Collage, Ambience Sound
Time / Format: 2 Hour 57 Min. 11 sec || MP3, 320 kbps
Tracks: 3


Before you anniversary 25th release from 45 Echoes Sounds. We present for you a global mix, a fabulous collage - a result of three years' activity of a label of 45 Echoes Sounds on the digital fields of Ambient Music.
These magic sounds were thought up for you by great musicians from a planet Eart - Die Stille, EugeneKha, Grove of Whispers, Jack Hertz, Kecap Tuyul, [mikra], Mister Vapor, Muguel Ruiz, Mystified, Ollie Cram, Scott Lawlor, Sheleah Nahshon, Slope feat. Ambelion, Symatic Star, Trans Atlantic Rage/Balogh.

Part 1 – 52:17
Part 2 – 55:35
Part 3 – 69:19

20th November 2013

45rpm_rec10:44pm: Scott Lawlor - Jupiter Is A Cosmic Vacuum Cleaner

Artist: Scott Lawlor
Album: Jupiter Is A Cosmic Vacuum Cleaner
Label / Date: 45 Echoes Sounds || 2013
Style: Space Ambient, Dark Ambient, Long form
Time / Format: 75:14 || Lossless (FLAC); MP3 320 kbps, VBR MP3

JUPITER IS A COSMIC VACUUM – This dark ambient work was inspired by an astronomical event that occurred during the week of July 16th through the 22nd, 1994, where fragments of a comet called Shoemaker Levy 9 slammed into Jupiter.


17th October 2013

45rpm_rec11:08pm: EugeneKha - Nano Life

Artist: EugeneKha
Album name: Nano Life
Label / Date: 45 Echoes Sounds || 2013
Style: Ambient, Soft Ambient, Portable Music
Time / Format: 67:32 || FLAC, MP3 320 kbps.


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25th September 2013

45rpm_rec11:05pm: Grove Of Whispers - The Garden

Artist: Grove Of Whispers
Album: The Garden
Label: 45 Echoes Sounds
Style: Ambient, Dark Ambient, Soundscape
Time / Format: 59:02 || FLAC; MP3 320 kbps, VBR MP3


More Info
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20th August 2013

45rpm_rec11:45pm: Jack Hertz - Supermoon

Artist: Jack Hertz
Album: Supermoon
Label / Date: 45 Echoes Sounds || 2013
Style: Ambient, Space Ambient, Dark Ambient
Time / Format: 59:54 || Lossless (FLAC); MP3 320 kbps, VBR MP3


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17th August 2013

45rpm_rec12:12am: EugeneKha - November-II

artist: EugeneKha
album: November-II
Label / Date: SP Recordings || 2013
Style: Drone, Experimental Dark Ambient, Soundscape, Tape Cassette Live Recordings
Quality | Time: MP3, 320 kbps || 23:04


28th July 2013

simon_walsh12:04am: New Album release - Symatic Star - Spectrum
Symatic Star - Spectrum - album cover bandcamp
Artist: Symatic Star
Release: Spectrum
Style: Ambient
Time / Format: 55:55 || FLAC; MP3 320 kbps, VBR MP3

Download Album here - http://symaticstar.bandcamp.com/album/spectrum

Video - Floating by Symatic Star ( track 1 of Spectrum )

Tracks - 7 track Album.

The sounds on spectrum include a mixture of synthesis/ sound design created on various synthesizers including modular g2 synthesizers, fretless bass guitar, electronic hand percussion, clarinet, and a slice of field recording. All sounds made played and recorded by Symatic Star / Simon Walsh.

©Simon Walsh/Symatic Star 2013

23rd July 2013

topoftheflops9:35pm: Kai Nobuko - One

artist: Kai Nobuko
title: One
keywords: electronica, ambient, chill out, experimental
label: MAV [0kbps] Records

01 - One (6:43)
02 - One Two (5:22)
03 - One Two Three (1:15
04 - One (Covolux Remix) (4:07)
05 - One Two (Covolux Remix) (4:38)
06 - One Two Three (Covolux Remix) (2:14)
07 - One (Do It Yourself Sample Pack) (0:02)


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